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This proposed “Point” project will relieve congestion and increase safety along US 36 and SR 37 by increasing the number of vehicular lanes beneath the Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge. This will allow for two lanes of travel in each direction beneath the railroad. The widened bridge will eliminate the westbound merge on US 36 as vehicles approach the bridge. Eastbound traffic flow will benefit immediately from this improvement as dual through-lanes are established on both SR 37 and US 36 approaching the intersection adding significantly improved intersection capacity.


Point Project Video

Watch our video to learn about the issue and how the City and ODOT are working to fix the problem.


August 21 Open House Recap

Wednesday Aug. 21, 2019, Conger Elementary School
The City hosted a second open house meeting to share new project information including preliminary construction limits and phasing. Input was sought on the project’s potential social, environmental and economic impacts. The deadline for post-meeting written comments was September 20, 2019.
August 21 Open House Materials: Handout, Glossary, Display Boards, Roadway Layout, Roadway Right-of-Way, Comments and Responses

May 22 Open House Recap

Wednesday May 22, 2019, Conger Elementary School
More than 100 residents came to the Point project open house to hear updates. Stations were set up with information about the project process and funding, work zone traffic, property access, railroad, environment, and aesthetics. The deadline for post-meeting written comments was June 21, 2019.
May 22 Open House Materials: Handout, Display boards, Comments and Responses

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