Traffic Calming Pilot Projects


City staff has been working over the past year to identify potential ways to mitigate concerns over the speed of traffic traveling through neighborhoods and recently developed/adopted Traffic Calming Guidelines in 2019. Based on guidelines, traffic calming measure(s) could be considered for streets with 85th percentile speeds of vehicles exceeding 5 mph over the posted speeds. Based on the guidelines, Cobblestone Drive, Carson Farms Boulevard and Executive Boulevard have all been identified due to recent studies showing the 85th percentile speed of vehicles traveling along these roadways is 33-34 MPH (or 15% of vehicles are traveling above 33-34 mph). All three (3) streets are collector roadways with Cobblestone Drive and Carson Farms Boulevard averaging 2000-2200 vehicles per day and Executive Boulevard averaging 1350 vehicles per day.


Keep Informed

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