Report a Problem/Contact Us

• I want to file a police report.
• I want to pay a City of Delaware Traffic Citation.
• I want to pay a City of Delaware Parking Ticket.
• I want to obtain a copy of a police report in a criminal case.
• I want to obtain a copy of a police report in an accident/crash case.
• I want to obtain a record check for employment purposes.
• I want to obtain fingerprints.
• I want to schedule a vacation house check.
• I want to obtain a bicycle license.
• I want to obtain a special event application.
• I want to obtain a downtown parking permit.
• I want to contact the Delaware County Drug Task Force.
Is there a curfew in Delaware

• Other

Streets, Trash and Recycling
• I want to report a street light outage.
• I want to report a pothole.
• I want to report a traffic signal problem.
• I would like to have a new or replacement recycling bin.
 I would like to start or stop refuse and recycling service.
• I would like to know when my street will be plowed.
• I would like to know what day my refuse/recycling is collected.
• Other

• Where can I find a list of open positions and job descriptions?
• Other

City Hall
• I would like to know when City Council meets
• I would like to contact Council Members?
• Other

Economic Development

• What resources are offered to assist in growing, retaining and attracting businesses?
• Other

Water and Sewer
• How do I start water and sewer service?
• Can I pay my water, sewer, trash bill by credit card?
• I want to find out about boil orders.
• I need information about capacity fees.
• I need information about obtaining a water tap permit.
I need information about obtaining a sewer tap permit.
• I want information on obtaining and installing a deduct meter
• Other

Finance and Taxes
• I need a City income tax form.
• Who do I contact about my city income taxes?
• Where can I find a copy of the City budget and financial statements?
• Can I file my city income tax return online?
• Other

• How can I obtain a copy of a fire or EMS report?
• How do I get my car seat inspected?
• How can I get a fire inspection for my business?
• Where do I get my fire extinguisher serviced?
• Other

Parks & Natural Resources
• I want to reserve a sports field
I want to register a complaint about the condition of a City park or field

• Other

• I want to register for programs or classes.
• I want to reserve a shelter/facility.
• How can I learn more about the Delaware Community Center YMCA?
• How much are the daily fees for Jack Florance Pool?
• Can I bring flotation devises to the pool?
• Can I bring a cooler to the pool?
• Can I get a refund on my pool Season Pass?
• Other

• Do I need a permit for my home improvement project?
• How do I file a complaint regarding the condition of a property?
• Where can I get a permit application?
• How do I find a contractor that is registered with the City of Delaware?
• How do I request an inspection?
• How do I know if a property is located in the City of Delaware?
• Do I need a sign permit?
• Other