Q Does the Delaware Police Department enforce all junk, abandoned, deteriorating and nuisance vehicles laws?
A No, the Delaware City Police Department only enforces those codes designated in Chapter 5, General Offense Code, of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Delaware. All other codes are enforced by the City of Delaware Planning and Community Development Department, 1 South Sandusky Street, Delaware Ohio, 740-203-1600.

Q What is a Junk Vehicle?
A A junk vehicle is defined by Ohio Revised Code as being a vehicle three years old or older and extensively damaged.

Q What is a Deteriorating or Nuisance Vehicle?
A As defined in Section 521.11 (B) of the Delaware City Code, a vehicle which appears to be in a condition of neglect or disrepair and left in the open.

Q How do I report a Junk, Abandoned, Deteriorating or Nuisance vehicle?
A Phone the Delaware City Police Department 740-203-1111 and provide the location of the vehicle and a brief description of why you feel it meets these designations.

Q Do I have to leave my personal information to make a complaint?
A No. However, if you do not leave your name and call back number, it may be impossible to inform you of what action has been taken on your complaint or for this department to request further information. The vehicle may not meet the requirements or standards for action by this Department; having this information will enable us to provide you with a reason for lack of enforcement.

Q I purchased a residence or business in the City of Delaware and discovered that the previous owner left an old vehicle on the property. Is there anything I can do about it without paying for a wrecker to tow it away?
A Yes. Such a vehicle would be considered an abandoned vehicle and the City of Delaware can tow the vehicle and at no cost. If you are not sure of the status of a vehicle on your property or your options, you should contact the Police Department for further information.

Q I have a junk vehicle on my property and have no way of getting it removed is there anything the City can do to assist?
A Yes, the City can remove any junk vehicle from private property if the property owner is unable to do so. Phone the Delaware City Police Department 740-203-1111

Q How does the City respond to complaints of Junk, Abandoned, Deteriorating or Nuisance vehicles?
A Each complaint is handled on a case -by-case basis. We inspect to determine if the vehicle meets the criteria for a possible violation and notify the property owner or person having charge of such property of the violation. The owner is given a time period to comply with the notice and can face legal action for failing to do so. Failure to comply is a minor misdemeanor and carries a fine of up to $165 for the first offense. The responding officer also has the option of personal contact and remedy when such infraction is minor in nature and can be best resolved via personal contact. Our preferred resolution is voluntary compliance.

Q Do I have to provide any documentation to have a vehicle towed from my property?
A Yes. Anyone requesting that the City of Delaware assist in the removal of an abandoned or junk vehicle must complete a formal request form indicating that the vehicle has been on your property in excess of 72 hours without your permission.

Q What is a misdemeanor citation?
A A misdemeanor is handled through the Municipal Court and, on conviction, generally includes a fine and court costs and will most likely result in sanctions to remedy the junk, abandoned, or deteriorating vehicle.

Q Can I just take title to an abandoned vehicle and sell it?
A The laws have been changed pertaining to liens etc. on property. Check your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Q Can I cover a potential junk, deteriorating or nuisance vehicle with a tarp to comply with the codes?
A No. Once a vehicle is declared a junk or nuisance vehicle it must be brought up to code, placed in a fully enclosed garage or removed from the property

Q Where can I get more information?
A Call the Delaware Police Department for more information at 740-203-1111


Police Department •  70 North Union Street • Email  • 740-203-1100
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