The City Solicitation Ordinance, Chapter 721, regulates solicitors by requiring registration, identification badges and other information. It is coordinated by the City Police Department.

Permit Criteria and Application

Q: Why do we have this law?
A: The law was passed due to the rise in complaints by the public. The complaints weren’t just about people selling items, but the aggressive tactics and manner in which some peddlers approached their jobs.

Q: What does the licenses look like, so I know what to look for?
A: For the older license, click here.
A. For the license we are transitioning to, click here.

Q: How do I report a violation?
A: Phone the Police Department at 740-203-1111.

Q: Will this stop my child from selling items for school?
A: No. School sales and sales for recognized charitable organizations are exempt as long as the solicitor is not compensated. By “compensated” we are not referring to such things as a merit badge or a prize for selling the most cookies.

Q: I am running for office and have volunteers who will be campaigning for me, will they need licensed?
A: No. As long as they are not soliciting for funds or donations, a license is not required for candidates or their volunteers.

Q: I am an unpaid employee of an organization that goes door to door and asks for signatures for our cause, will I need a license?
A: No. As long as you are not soliciting for funds or donations, a license is not required.

Q: I do in-home parties selling jewelry, do I need a license?
A: No, prearranged appointments such as this do not require a license.

Q: I am a representative of a pharmaceutical company that sells to doctor’s offices, do I need licensed?
A: No, sales that are offered exclusively to local businesses, such as a doctor, do not require a license.

Q: I need a peddler’s license. What is the cost?
A: $75. This pays for the licensing fee, BCI and FBI fingerprint check, and materials.

Q: How do I get my license?
A: Peddler licensing is done by appointment at the Justice center, 70 N. Union St. Please call 740-203-1151 to arrange for an appointment or with any other questions.

Q: How long before I get my license?
A: The license can be ready within a day OR it can take up to a month. It all depends on the background check. If you have had any arrests, even without a conviction, this slows the background down significantly.


Police Department70 North Union StreetEmail740-203-1100
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