Willowbrook Apartments
A total of 180 apartment units in 12 buildings located at Houk Road and DiGenova Way, just north of the Community Center. In the center of the development would be a community building with a pool, a retention pond and several amenities. There is an existing bike path along Houk Road that connects this site with the City bike path network.


February 7 Meeting Materials
Site Plan Rendering

Engineering Plans
Building Rendering
Building Elevations
Floor Plans
Staff Report

March 7 Meeting Materials
Staff Report


Cougccrossinghlin’s Crossing
Coughlin’s Crossing is a mixed-use development planned for the area north of the new Meeker Way, east of US 23, west of Stratford Road and south of Chesrown Chevrolet. The site will include retail, office space and residential uses with associated parking, green space, and circulation drives.



Preliminary Building Elevations
Preliminary Site and Landscape Plan
Preliminary Tree Preservation and Open Space Plan
Preliminary Comprehensive Sign Plan
Preliminary Storm Water Report Part 1
Preliminary Storm Water Report Part 2
Development Zoning Text – Updated 11-2
Staff Report – Updated 11-2
Traffic Impact Study

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