Parks Support Parks & Natural Resources Adoption Programs:
The City of Delaware’s Park and Natural Resources Department has a variety of parks, trails and landscape beds looking for someone to adopt them. Individuals, families, Church groups, businesses or other agencies can beautify their community while spending quality time outdoors and getting some exercise. Adoption Form

Adopt A Park
Delaware has 24 parks. You can help clean up and maintain your neighborhood park or help out with one of our larger community parks through park adoption. Adoption Form

Adopt A Trail
The city has over 14 miles of bike paths which are difficult to monitor and maintain. Take a walk, do a little clean up and report back any maintenance issues to help keep our trails looking great and safe for walkers, runners and bikers. Adoption Form

Adopt A Landscape Bed
In an effort to provide more beautification in our parks and at key City entrances and gateways (i.e. the Point intersection), we are looking for plant/material donations and /or people to help maintain some of our most prominent landscape beds around town. Adoption Form

Shade Tree Commission Programs:

Street Tree Program Guide
Tree Care Information
Tree Planting Restrictions

Cost Share Tree Replacement Program
The City of Delaware features a Cost-Share Replacement Program for street trees – those trees planted in a curb lawn between the sidewalk and the curb. The resident’s share is $125 to participate. This fee assists with the purchase of the tree. The city covers the portion of the costs for the planting and ongoing maintenance of the tree. Trees that are purchased and planted are no less than 1.75 inches in diameter and are purchased from nursery facilities to insure quality trees.

Read more about the Shade Tree Commission


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