US23 Improvements Hawthorn Blvd. to Cottswold Drive



The Coughlin’s Crossing developer is paying to build access points from US 23 into the development. Intersection improvements will be made along US 23 at Hawthorn Boulevard, Delaware Community Plaza South, and at Cottswold Drive. The City will provide oversight and construction inspection.

Project Benefits

US 23 & Hawthorn Boulevard: A traffic signal will be installed at the intersection, along with a full access connection to the east to serve the entrance into the development. Turn lanes in each direction along US 23 will be constructed. The Hawthorn Boulevard entrance will be modified to include a separate left turn lane, through lane, and right turn lane.

US 23 & Delaware Community Plaza South Entrance: A new street known as Penny Way will be constructed to the east of US 23 to provide a signalized access point into the development directly across from the southern entrance into Delaware Community Plaza (near Wendy’s and Kroger). Turn lanes in each direction will be added to US 23 to provide access into Penny Way. Vehicles exiting the shopping center will still be restricted to right-turns onto US 23 southbound. Vehicles exiting the development on the new Penny Way will be restricted to right-turns only onto northbound US 23. The Stratford Drive intersection will be abandoned.

US 23 & Cottswold Drive: The existing US 23 left turn lanes in both directions will be modified along with the traffic signal in


The estimated cost of improvements constructed and paid for by the developer:
US 23 Improvements (this project): $1,830,000
On-site development (completed): $2,050,000
Meeker Way Improvements (completed): $250,000
Stratford Road Improvements (future): $990,000
Total (developer funded) $5,120,000

In addition to the public improvements, the City is taking the opportunity to complete traffic signal upgrades, funded by the City. These include adding emergency vehicle detection and pre-emption system components at the Delaware Plaza North and Cottswold Drive intersections. The total estimated cost for these improvements is $38,000.

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