East William Street Widening



In 2005, the City applied for and received federal earmark funding to study a by-pass proposed for the southeast side from US23 to US36. However, a combination of factors including an economic recession prompted the state to conclude that without significantly more funding from the City and state, the southeast by-pass initiative was no longer supportable. In 2012, the City was allowed to reallocate the remainder of the $4 million earmark toward making improvements to East William Street, since a by-pass was no longer supported. Justification for the East William Street improvement project focused on reducing daily traffic congestion, delay, and associated traffic accidents on this state route arterial and designated freight movement corridor.

Schedule and Status
Construction Spring 2019-Summer 2020

Project Benefits

Widening East William Street from Richardson to Foley Street to accommodate a center turn lane allowing thru traffic to be separated
from left turning vehicles.

Replacement of the pedestrian bridge over William Street at Lake Street to accommodate a wider intersection with improved turning radii and sight distance, specifically for large truck movements.

Reconfiguration of the Channing-Ann Street signal to a Channing-Cheshire traffic signal. The new arrangement will accommodate side street movements from Channing and Cheshire Street as well as pedestrian movements associated with the adjacent Conger Elementary school.

New curbs, sidewalks and street lighting.


Federal Earmark, $3,700,000
MORPC, $900,000
State of Ohio Safety Program, $750,000
Local Funding, $1,100,000
Total: $6,450,000


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