East William Street Improvement Project

The East William Street widening project will reduce congestion for motorists and neighbors, and increase safety for the 20,000 vehicles that travel the route daily. Activity begins in February and construction will take place in 2019.

Accidents and delays occur on East William Street because of stopped vehicles waiting to make left turns. Widening the street to add a center lane will separate turning vehicles from the traffic stream and improve safety during all hours.  The project has been under development for several years and has been discussed at city council meetings and through a public involvement process.

Tree Removal

Residents will see the first evidence of pre-construction February through April: the removal of trees in public rights-of-way. This must be done to relocate electric poles and gas lines later this year. New trees will be planted when construction is completed.

Trees to be removed are marked with green paint. No trees will be removed from private property at this time. However, it may be necessary to prune trees that are located directly on the right-of-way line. Contractors will be instructed to take special care of trees outside of the right-of-way and easements. New landscaping will include a mix of ornamental trees, selected in collaboration with the city arborist.

Consistent with City code and City Council practices, each caliper tree inch removed will be replaced in kind along the roadway, city owned property, or other nearby locations as deemed necessary.

Project Benefits

The East William Street widening project will provide left turn slots at Richardson, Cheshire, Channing, Anne, Moore and Wade streets, as well as businesses and Conger Elementary School with direct William Street access. It also includes a new Cheshire-William St. signal, improved property drainage and traffic signal operations, as well as new street lighting, trees and sidewalks.

The project also will make it easier for vehicles to move through a widened William Street-Lake Street intersection. The overhead bikeway bridge there will be replaced.

The cost is $4.65 million, 80 percent of that in state and federal transportation dollars. The City of Delaware is responsible for the rest.

Keep Informed

To be included on our project email list as design is finalized and construction gets under way, please email transportation@delawareohio.net

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