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The City of Delaware offers electronic filing of individual tax returns, as well as business tax returns and employer withholding reconciliations.  You must have an account with the City of Delaware income tax department to e-file a return.  You can find your account number (Delaware tax id) on the tax form that is mailed to you in January, or you may call the income tax office at 740-203-1225 to obtain it.  Part-year residents are encouraged to contact the income tax office for assistance with e-filing .  Non-residents filing for a refund of Delaware tax withheld in error cannot e-file a return.  For paper income tax forms click here.  All supporting documentation such as W-2 forms, Schedules, etc. must either be uploaded during the e-filing process or mailed to the income tax department at: PO Box 496, Delaware Ohio, 43015.  After you have completed and submitted your return electronically, you will receive an email confirmation that your return has been submitted.  Your return is not filed if you do not get an email confirmation.

In addition, the City also offers electronic payment of taxes due, estimated taxes due, and penalty/interest charges.  Electronic payment may be made via your checking account or by credit card using the menu on the left-hand side of the e-file/e-pay tool.  There is no service fee to pay this way.  Credit card payments will be processed through Infintech LLC, our third-party service provider.

For questions or more information regarding e-filing or e-payment please email incometax@delawareohio.net.


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Our income tax department staff is available to assist with your City tax preparation. Assistance is provided 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday. For assistance, please call 740-203-1225.


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