Draft Thoroughfare Plan

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The City of Delaware has prepared a draft update to its Thoroughfare Plan. It shows completed and proposed roadway improvements, and  several previously proposed projects recommended for removal from the plan.

Click here to view the draft 2020-2040 Draft Thoroughfare Plan

The original Thoroughfare Plan was developed in partnership with Delaware County in 2001 and was subsequently updated in 2004 to include many more local roadway and intersection improvement projects.  Since the original plan was developed, 64 roadway and intersection improvement projects have been completed through a combination of development activity, and both City and County capital improvement initiatives.  The updated plan includes 80 proposed roadway and intersection improvements to be constructed, and identifies 28 existing street stub connections to be extended with new development opportunities. Twelve projects considered no longer viable or redundant connections, are recommended for removal from the Thoroughfare Plan.  The projects included are listed under several headings, however presented in no particular order of prioritization.

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