Central Avenue Street Resurfacing

Project Background

Central Avenue will be resurfaced through the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Urban Resurfacing Program this year. The 2.4-mile project includes the removal and resurfacing of the surface course of asphalt from Troy Road to The Point intersection on the east side of town. The State’s Urban Resurfacing initiative was established by ODOT to assist small communities like Delaware with the cost in maintaining U.S. and State routes that extend within the corporate limits of the community, and that may otherwise not be able to afford the high cost of maintaining these streets. The program allows for the State highway system to be maintained every ten years to keep the network in good shape. The program provides up to 80% of the cost of replacing the pavement surface, with the City’s contribution covering the remaining 20% of construction cost. The City is required to pay for 100% of the cost of other construction items including costly pavement base repairs.

Central Avenue has not been fully reconstructed in over fifty years and as such is susceptible to higher rates of deterioration that newer pavements in town. East Central Avenue continues to be one of the most challenging sections of roadway within the community to maintain, especially with the damaging impact associated with the many transport trucks using that section as a connection between US 23 and US 36 to the east. Because of the age of pavement and lack of proper roadway drainage, damage extends below the surface into the road base and results in numerous base failures that require constant and costly repairs. Though the resurfacing will provide a restored surface with a smoother ride once complete, it is anticipated the new condition will not last through another 10-year cycle and likely require new repairs within a few years.

To end the cycle of resurfacing followed by pavement base repairs the street must be reconstructed to modern road standards. The City is in process of developing a comprehensive reconstruction project for East Central Avenue, details of which can be reviewed under a separate Access Delaware article titled East Central Avenue Improvements. Nevertheless, a large-scale reconstruction effort requires State and Federal funding support and several years to plan, design and construct. Therefore, it was determined that is in the best interest of the City to advance the 2020 resurfacing project on Central Avenue to provide some relief from the current poor condition.


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