Date: August 1, 2018
Affected Area: 193 to 261 E. Winter Street, 32 Potter Street

The City of Delaware shut down water service in your area due to water service damage.  Service was interrupted at approximately 2:30 pm on August 1 and should be restored later today. A Boil Order Advisory is being issued, as required by the Ohio EPA, to all affected customers. This boil order advisory will be in effect for customers mentioned above from the time water service is restored on August 1 until August 3 at 5 p.m. A Boil Order Advisory is issued due to the remote possibility that coliform bacteria, present in the environment, could be introduced into the water system when a main is depressurized. The bacteria could render the water non-potable or unsafe for human consumption.  Only if this advisory is extended will residents affected by the Boil Order be notified, otherwise it expires at the previously stated date and time in this notice.

Boil Order FAQs


Public Utilities Department225 Cherry StreetEmail740-203-1900
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