IMG_0973The City of Delaware is upgrading water meters with state-of-the-art equipment that will allow us to remotely read meters and relay the data to the billing office. The project will deliver better customer service and overall improved efficiency.

How does it work? AMI stands for Advanced Meter Infrastructure. Through AMI, a small battery-powered transmitter is connected to your water meter. The transmitter will read the meter and send a brief, low-powered radio signal to a nearby collector. Collectors then transmit meter reads to the City of Delaware Utility Billing Office, eliminating the need for manual meter readings.

How much will this upgrade cost me?  There is NO COST to customers for the upgrade.

How You Can Help: While work continues on the project, residents can help us with the next step. We’re asking all City of Delaware water customers to email the city Utility Billing Office at this link with the following: customer name, service address, account number and a current phone number. This information will be used by the utility office to contact customers when their personal web portal is ready for use. The web portal will help customers understand their bills and manage water consumption. For more information, phone the utility office at 740-203-1250, extension 4.

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