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Delaware spends an average of $1 million annually on resurfacing, with $450,000 coming from the City. The rest, about 60 percent, comes from grants. Nearly 90 percent of the funds are directed toward larger, busier roads, leaving only about 10 percent is available for local streets. This approach is necessary in order to maintain the most traveled and essential streets and roads. This City seeks and receives funding help from all state and county sources. All of the available Ohio Public Works Commission and Community Development Block Grant funds go to resurfacing; however, CDGB funds are limited to maintenance in designated Low to Moderate Income (LMI) areas. Delaware County historically provides about $50,000 toward total resurfacing.

Current Situation

In 2018, the City is addressing four streets and one bridge. Heffner Street, Winter Street and Blymer Street will receive full-width resurfacing. Existing pavement will be removed by a grinding machine. Several days later, new pavement will be put down with a paving machine. Cambridge Road will be re-paved. The Winter Street Bridge will get surface repairs and masonry work, as well. Read More Here.


The City will continue to seek all forms of grant funding to pay for street maintenance and at the same time try to identify additional local funds.

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