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Delaware’s annual street maintenance includes resurfacing (paving) and maintenance (patching). Resurfacing, generally done by a contractor, involves removing (milling) the top two inches of asphalt and installing (overlaying) a new asphalt surface, typically referred to as mill & overlay operations.  Patching, normally performed by the City Public Works Department’s Street crew, involves filling potholes, making spot repairs (patching) and applying crack sealant.


Plans and bid specifications are currently being prepared for resurfacing of the following:

  • Union Street (Central to Heffner) and East Heffner (Sandusky to Union); July-August
  • Houk Road (Pittsburgh to RR Tracks) and Houk Road (William Street to Central Ave.) July-August
  • Pumphrey Terrace, English Terrace and Birch Bend May-August
  • Somerset Drive,* Cottswold Drive,* Silver Maple Drive,* , Holly Street* and Ravine Ridge Drive* July-October
  • South Section Line Road (County project with city participation) May-June

Streets are selected based on eligibility to receive state grant funding through the Ohio Public Works Commission and Community Development Block Grant programs.  Other local streets are prioritized based on current pavement condition, focusing on streets rated poor to very poor.

*The recently approved state gas tax increase has allowed for the addition of these local residential streets for 2019.

Pavement Maintenance

The Street Maintenance crew is addressing spot repairs throughout the City through the end of October.  More significant patching is required along Central Avenue in advance of the planned 2020 ODOT Central Avenue resurfacing project extending from Troy Road to the Point intersection. The City recognizes that Central Avenue must be reconstructed but the ability to advance a full-scale reconstruction project is not guaranteed, being subject to receiving several million in state funding. Therefor the City is committed to working with ODOT on the planned repaving of Central Ave. to achieve at a minimum, short-term relief to poor pavement condition.


Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Grant: $620,000
State Community Development Block Grant/Revolving Loan Fund: $150,000
Delaware County Engineer (Grant Match): $50,000
Local Funding (Gas Tax & General Fund): $1,100,000
Total: $1,920,000

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