WATER & SEWER: The City of Delaware’s primary water source is the Olentangy River. The City has the capability to blend this river water-main_webwater with groundwater from wells drilled to more than 200 feet deep. Our water plant treats and distributes an average of 3.65 million gallons per day to more than 12,000 customers through 190 miles of water lines and 2,000 fire hydrants. To start water service, call 740-203-1250 x4 at least 24 hours prior to service date. The sewer, or wastewater, division collects and treats domestic and industrial wastewater discharge and returns sewer manholeit to the Olentangy River in an environmentally safe and clean way. The system includes 175 miles of sewer line, 3,250 manholes and 12 pump stations. To start sewer service, call 740-203-1250 x4 at least 24 hours prior to service date.

Water & Sewer Links:
Forms & Permits
Boil Orders
Boil Order FAQ
View and Pay Your Utility Bill
Annual Water Quality Report

STORMWATER: Storm sewers protect public health and provide environmental responsibility by efficiently and Stormwater_Managementeffectively conveying stormwater to receiving streams. Federal mandates require municipalities to maintain stormwater infrastructure.

Stormwater Links:
Storm Drainage Design Guidance
Stormwater Discharge Ordinance
Stormwater Management Plan
Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Plan
IDDE Plan Ordinance


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