All new construction, alterations, improvements, and replacements require approval of a permit prior to the start of construction. Following a permit approval, inspections will be made throughout the construction process including following completion.

Submittal and Construction Specifications:
Below is basic specification information for the most common permit types. Please review these specifications prior to submitting a permit application:

Basement Finish/Remodeling
Downtown Sidewalk/Furniture Guidelines
Garage and Room Additions
Public Way Requirements
Roof and Re-roof
Swimming Pool

Note: For any construction that is outside the walls of an existing structure, you must include a scaled plot plan or survey of the property with the permit application clearly marking the location of the improvement such as a deck, fence, pool, or addition. Generally you can find a plot plan or survey included with your mortgage documents. Be sure to make a full size, to scale copy and do not submit your original copy. If you cannot locate a copy of a plot plan or survey, you can, as a last resort, submit a GIS image printed from the Delaware County Auditor’s Office DALIS website with the improvement location clearly marked. Please note that this GIS image is not a substitute for a survey and is used for reference only. If Staff is unable to adequately determine that the applicable code requirements are met you may be required to submit a survey.

To discuss your project, the approval and inspection process or any other questions you may have, please contact us.

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