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The City of Delaware Public Works Department maintains more than 324 miles of roadway when it comes to snow and ice management, including all local streets, state routes and parts of U.S. 23.  Operations include road surface pre-treatment (brine application), plowing and salting.

Snow plowing is prioritized based on a street’s traffic volume and posted speed limit, with Priority 1 and Priority 2 routes receiving the earliest attention.  (See snow management plowing prioritization map).  Crews work on 12-hour shifts during major storms, operating up to 10 plow trucks per shift and generally require 24 to 48 hours to plow and salt all Delaware streets depending on the amount of snowfall.  Residential, or neighborhood, streets are considered Priority 3 routes and are generally addressed once all Priority 1 and 2 streets have been cleared, beginning in the neighborhoods where refuse collection is currently taking place.  Plowing Priority 3 streets is generally limited to winter storms with three or more inches of snowfall.  Cul-de-sacs are typically cleared by smaller more maneuverable 4×4 pickup trucks to improve efficiency and safety, especially in the confined cul-de-sac bulbs.  Public bike ways, pedestrian paths and parking lots are cleared by different crews and smaller equipment through the Parks and Natural Resources Department.

Roadway pre-treatment is typically applied to Priority 1 and 2 streets in advance of a winter storm.  The brine helps prevent snow and ice from bonding to cold road surfaces, allowing for more effective plowing.  Though the roads appear white following brine applications, the amount of dissolved salt in the brine solution applied to the streets is actually only 30- to 50-percent of the amount that is applied during a typical application of road salt.  The City has two brine application vehicles that require eight to nine hours to pre-treat all Priority 1 and 2 streets.  Priority 3 streets are generally pre-treated when the forecast predicts several inches or more snowfall.

Winter Reminders

  • Never pass a plow truck in the same direction of travel while it is actively plowing
  • Never shovel or blow snow from driveways and sidewalks into the street
  • Make sure the face of your mailbox is at least 6-inches or more behind the face of curb to provide clearance for snow plows.  Mailbox repair information
  • Park vehicles in driveways wherever possible to aid in snow removal along streets
  • Don’t allow pets to walk through standing puddles of water along roads that have been treated with brine on very cold days when temperatures are far below freezing to avoid frost bite to animal’s feet

Have a Question About Snow or Ice Removal?

For questions or to report a problem regarding snow and ice management operations, residents can phone 740-203-1810 or email us.


The City of Delaware ordinance 521.06 prohibits property owners or occupants from allowing snow and ice to accumulate “to the annoyance of the public.” The ordinance protects the safety of every individual in Delaware. It is important that the snow be removed from sidewalks so people are able to walk and ride safely out of vehicular traffic. We rely on complaints from concerned citizens to enforce the ordinance. Please call Code Enforcement at 740-203-1600 to report a violation. Please be prepared with the exact address. If it is a business, provide the name of the business to which the property is adjacent.

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