Revised Code of Ohio, Section 143.30. The Civil Service Commission serves to create and monitor rules and policies for the City’s civil service. The commission is composed of 3 members and 1 City Council Representative who serve 6 year terms–one to be appointed every other year. No more than two members can be of the same political party.

Michael Robinson, term ends November 30, 2016
   Address: 99 Saratoga St
   Phone: 614-743-4369

Eric Coss, term ends November 30, 2017
   Address: 224 Rockmill St
   Phone: 740-833-6818

Brooke Acker, term ends November 30, 2021
   Address: 188 Overtrick Dr
   Phone: 614-596-5463

Joe DiGenova, City Council Representative
   Address: 68 Somerset Rd
   Phone: 740-369-7788