Services & Payments
Services & Payments
Delaware oprerates its own water and sewer, and refuse and recycling collection services.

The City’s primary water source is the Olentangy River. At its Water Treatment Plant, the city blends the river water with groundwater from wells drilled more than 200 feet deep on treatment plant premises and from a nearby well field. The plant pumps about 4 million gallons per day to about 13,000 service connections. In doing so, the city’s compliance with all federal and state drinking water laws remains exemplary.

Delaware owns and operates its own water pollution control plant and collection system to serve esidents and businesses. The collection system transports sewage to the Wastewater Treatment Facility. The facility provides advanced wastewater treatment, safe for discharge in the Olentangy River.

Refuse and Recycling
Residents and businesses have their refuse and recycling collected weekly by the City. The city provides residents with wheeled carts for refuse and plastic bins for recycling. The refuse containers are available in two sizes and may be selected at the time of starting service.

Rates for theses services cover the costs of capital improvements, maintenance, operations, debt, and state and federal regulatory requirements. The city reviews the current and future needs of each utility service and city council adopts rates to cover these costs following a public hearing.



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