City Receives $428,301 from Atrazine Settlement
Posted: 1/23/2013

DELAWARE –The City of Delaware has received $428,301 from the settlement of a class action lawsuit against the world's largest manufacturer of atrazine.

The payment, part of a $105 million settlement, will help reimburse the City the costs of removing the chemical herbicide from its municipal water system. The money will be used for future City water system maintenance and repair projects.

Atrazine is applied to control weeds that compete with field crops, such as corn, and can run off fields into waterways or seep into ground waters that are drinking water sources.  Syngenta, the world’s largest atrazine manufacturer, is based in Switzerland.

Delaware’s water system was one of 1,085 water systems to receive a portion of the settlement. Delaware supplied information from 1997 to 2010 on atrazine detection data and related treatment costs.

Case Summary:

·                     1,085 cities and towns across America filed settlement claims.

·                     Settlement amounts were determined by past atrazine detections.

·                     The case was originally filed in Illinois in 2004, but expanded to other states in 2010.

·                     The law firms involved were Korein Tillery of St. Louis and Baron & Budd of Dallas.

·                     On October 23, 2012 a federal judge in Illinois approved the $105 million settlement.

·                     About 37 million people live in the areas served by the claimants in this case.

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For The media:
Lee Yoakum, Community Affairs Coordinator
City Hall
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