Urban Coyote Presentation Proves Popular
Posted: 2/23/2012

DELAWARE - More than 125 people interested in urban coyotes attended the City-sponsored presentation by Marne Titchenell, Extension Wildlife Specialist for Ohio State University Extension School of Environment and Natural Resources.

Coyotes have been seen or heard in many Delaware neighborhoods. In response to public interest, the City of Delaware hosted  Titchenell at the Delaware Community Center YMCA Community Room, 1121 South Houk Road, Delaware.

Titchenell presented information from recent coyote studies and took questions from the large audience made up of residents from throught Delaware County.

Below is the information handed out at the event:

Frequently Asked Questions
Fact Sheet
Cook County (Chicago) Project
Facts About Attacks
Homemade Deterrents

Wildlife specialist Marne Titchenell can be reached at this email address

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For The media:
Lee Yoakum, Community Affairs Coordinator
City Hall
1 South Sandusky Street
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