Delaware Muncipal Court
Municipal Court
Bailiff/Security Officers


The Security Division is a unit of the court and consists of highly trained professionals.

The functions of the Security Division are:

  • To ensure the safety of and provide the highest quality service to the citizens of Delaware County
    and those who use the Court;
  • To provide security for the Court Facility; and
  • To execute all legal process, criminal and civil, issued by the Court.


The Delaware Municipal Court adjudicates cases, penalizes those found guilty of violating the law and protects the constitutional rights of those brought before it. Violence or the threat of violence, in the court would have a profound negative impact on the court’s ability to function. Therefore, appropriate levels of security should prevail in the court to protect the integrity of court procedures, to protect the rights of individuals before it, to deter those who would take violent action against the court litigants, and to sustain the proper decorum and dignity of the court.

The Supreme Court of Ohio has established court security standards. The Delaware Municipal Court has achieved compliance with these standards by establishing appropriate levels of security within the court facility. You will both experience these security measures upon arrival, as well as be the benefactor of these measures during your stay at the court.

Upon arrival, you will be required to pass through the security control point located at the front door. This control point is equipped much like a security control point found at airports. You will be required to pass your purse, briefcase, or anything else you may be carrying, through the x-ray machine. You will also be required to place any metal objects in the trays provided and then pass through the magnetometer. If you are carrying anything which can be construed as a weapon, such as a penknife, box cutter, knitting needles, scissors, ice pick, and so on, you can take it back to your vehicle or leave it with the security officer and pick the item up when you leave the court. If you are found to be carrying a weapon which it is illegal to carry or possess by law, it will be confiscated and you may be arrested.

If you continue to set off the magnetometer after all items are removed, the security officer will pass a handwand around your person to determine what is continuing to set off the alarm. If the x-ray machine indicates there is anything suspicious in an item sent through it, the security officer will open the item to examine its contents.

The security standards and measures employed by the court are designed to intercept and remove individuals and items that may represent a threat to the peace, order, and dignity of the court. They are designed to provide appropriate protection for all those using the court facility and the judicial process while allowing the court to remain accessible to the community.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.