Snow and Ice Removal
The City uses the following guidelines for snow and ice removal.

1) First priority is given to the state highways, emergency routes, and arterial roads, streets with dangerous hills or curves, and any road or lane which is blocked. Primary roadways will be maintained in passable condition at all times. Under a normal snow event all primary roadways will be treated, curb to curb, within 12 hours of the conclusion of the event.

2) Second priority is given to designated collector roads, school zones, and the municipal airport. Second priority roadways will be treated, curb to curb, within 12 hours of full clearance and passage of the primary roadways.

3) Third priority is given to main subdivision roadways, and then residential roads. Generally residential roads are cleared on a rotating basis, with crews starting in a different location in the city after each snowfall. Initial priority will be given to where the next following refuse collection day is to take place, once clearing begins.

Keeping our sidewalks free of ice and snow is the neighborly thing to do, and it’s also the law. City of Delaware ordinance 521.06 prohibits property owners or occupants from allowing snow and ice to accumulate “to the annoyance of the public.” The ordinance protects the safety of every individual in Delaware. It is important that the snow be removed from sidewalks so people are able to walk and ride safely out of vehicular traffic. Under ADA regulations, accessibility to sidewalks for disabled individuals is required. We rely on complaints from concerned citizens to enforce the ordinance. Please call Code Enforcement at 740-203-1600 to report a violation. Please be prepared with the exact address. If it is a business, provide the name of the business to which the property is adjacent. Together, we are all responsible for keeping Delaware safe and comfortable for winter walking.  For your own benefit and to help your neighbors, customers, people pushing strollers, using wheelchairs, or the many people in Delaware who walk, please do your part! 

In Addition:
  • Plowing generally does not occur until an accumulation of 3 inches of material is on the roadway surface. Salting generally is done up to this point in time.
  • Center line accumulated snow in the downtown business district will begin to be removed within 48 hours following the completion of residential roadways clearing.
  • Windrows left by City snow removal efforts are not cleared from private driveways or sidewalks.
  • For seasonal information on the progress of snow and ice removal, residents can call 740-203-1810.
  • Email us about a snow removal question.

Priority I Streets and Roadways

Priority II Streets and Roadways
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