Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management Program                                                                                 

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination system (NPDES) Phase II storm water program is a federal mandate to reduce storm water pollutant runoff into the Olentangy River. The City of Delaware has developed, with OEPA's approval, a storm water Management Plan (SWMP) to meet the Phase II regulations. The City must implement the Best Management Practices (BMP's) of this plan, including the following services; Public Education, Public Involvement, Elimination of Illicit Discharges, Construction Site Storm Water Runoff, Post-Construction Storm Water Management and Pollution Prevention.

Storm water pollution is real threat to the quality of water throughout the United States. According to the USEPA, National Water Quality Inventory Reports indicate that approximately 40 percent of surveyed surface waters did not meet water quality standards. Polluted storm water is one of the leading sources of this contamination. As an ongoing effort to help educate the public, please watch for storm water program announcements and participation in City of Delaware storm water events.

For more information on the NPDES Phase II program, please click on the links below or contact Brad Stanton, Director of Public Utilities, at 740-203-1900. Storm Water/Water Quality Service Request

what is a watershed?

Everyone lives in a watershed and the City of Delaware is located in the Olentangy River watershed. A watershed is an area of land that directs surface water and ground water towards a single body of water. A ridge separates one watershed from another and will drain the water in different directions.

Each watershed can be broken down into subwatersheds or increased into larger watersheds. If the Olentangy River watershed was broken into smaller subwatersheds, some residents in the City of Delaware would live in the Delaware Run subwatershed, while others would live in the Sugar Run subwatershed. There are several other small waterways connecting to the Olentangy River that would be additional subwatersheds.

If the Olentangy River watershed was increased into larger watersheds, the Delaware City residents could say they live in the Scioto River watershed. Since the Olentangy drains into the Scioto River this would be a true statement. This also makes our watershed the Ohio River, Mississippi River, and Gulf of Mexico.

upcoming stormwater/watershed events

May 1st - Rain Barrel Workshop            
            @ First Friday Festivities downtown Delaware
            6:00-9:00 pm
June 20th - NOW (Northern Olentangy Watershed) Festival            
            @ Mingo Park (500 E. Lincoln Ave, Delaware, OH 43015)
            time TBD





Have you seen the storm drain decals attached to any basins in the City of Delaware? These are to help the population realize that these catch basins drain directly to the Olentangy River, untreated. If someone decides to dump oil, paint, leaves, or other pollutants down the storm drains, it will negatively affect our water quality. This means that aquatic life could be severely harmed, as well as humans playing in, fishing in, or drinking these waters. If you would like to schedule an event to mark storm drains in your area, please contact Kristin Piper at 740-203-1905 or This event works great with a church group, boy/girl scout troop, friends, or family members.


reporting spills

If you notice a spill in our stormwater drains or waterways please call the Public Utilities Department at 740-203-1901 or the Fire Department at 740-203-1300.

permits and regulations

Storm Drainage Design Guidance     

Reports and documents

Stormwater Discharge Ordinance.pdf
Stormwater Management Plan
Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Plan
IDDE Plan Ordinance


Only Rain in the Drains         
Pet waste removal.pdf

Drug Free Drains.pdf

Sustainability Starts At Your Sink.pdf 

Stormwater quality Implementation.pdf