Weiser Avenue Stream Restoration 

Weiser Avenue Stream restoration                                                                             

Many communities are confronting the problems associated with the streams buried under their towns. One option they have is to return these streams to a more natural, open state. This is often referred to as “daylighting” a stream.

The City of Delaware began a “daylighting” project in June 2011 in which a 600-foot section of buried storm water drainage along Weiser Avenue will be transformed into a open-air stream channel. The change will improve water quality and aquatic habitat, relieve choke points and flooding problems, and reduce runoff.

The project, the majority of which is being funded by a $330,000 grant through the OEPA 319 Nonpoint Source Program, was completed in the fall of 2011 by local contractor Trucco Construction Co. The project consisted of taking a stream out of a piped, underground system and re-installing a vegetated open aired stream channel. The area located along Weiser Avenue, between Sandusky Street and Henry Street, was excavated, the old pipe removed, and the area re-graded  to form an open channel containing in-stream habitat features, grade controlling step pools and native vegetation on its banks.


An end-of-project public open house is being held Thursday, Dec. 22, 5-7 p.m. in the Mingo Park Byxbe Room, 500 East Lincoln Avenue. The first public open house was held June 14.


Public questions may be directed to the City of Delaware Department of Engineering Services, 740-203-1723.

Project Fact Sheet

Below and above are images from various stages of the project, including one picture of the old drainage pipe that previously was buried underground.