Deduct Meter


Many times, Delaware residents will use water obtained from the City of Delaware Water Department to water their lawns and gardens. This water typically does not enter the City sewer system for subsequent treatment at the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Because Delaware sewer bills are based on water usage, the deduct meter program was established to provide a credit for water that does not enter the sewer system. This program is available to all property owners.

This separate deduct meter is purchased from the City of Delaware by the property owner. The meter cost, for most residential water systems, is $80. The City will install the meter, but the property owner first must prepare an opening in their plumbing for the deduct meter.  Residents can prepare the opening themselves or have a plumber, registered with the City of Delaware, do the work.  When complete, the applicant then can contact the Water Department at 740-203-1250 to schedule the installation and inspection of the actual deduct meter.

The meter reading consumption from the deduct meter is then deducted from the Delaware Utility Department meter reading consumption, to determine the sewer usage charge.

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