Water Management
The water plant is currently pumping about 4 million gallons per day and has about 11,000 service connections, 175 miles of water mains, and 1,780 fire hydrants. The original water plant was completed in 1889 and called the Delaware Water Company. It was privately owned. In 1936, after several years of negotiations, the City of Delaware purchased the Delaware Water Company for $560,000. In the early 1950s, several additions and improvements were made including the conversion from steam-powered pumps to electric. In 1960 a second 16-inch transmission main was laid from the plant to the corporation. The plant was expanded from 3 MGD to 6 MGD in 1976 and is the plant that in operation today. The City has two 1-mllion gallon storage tanks and one 2-million gallon tank.

Utility Service Capacity Fee Estimate

CCR Water Quality Report for 2014