Storm Sewer - FAQ
Q What is the $2.50 charge on my water bill?
A The $2.50 is the monthly charge for the newly enacted storm water utility fee.
Q What is a storm water utility fee?
A A storm water utility fee is the amount charged to property owners for their calculated usage of storm water collection system.
 Q  What can go down the storm drains?
 A  Only Rain Down The Storm Drains
Q What is meant by storm water utility?
A Similar to both the existing sanitary sewer and water utilities, a storm water utility is simply a 'user fee' charged to property owners for the maintenance of the storm water runoff collection system.                       
Q Why do we need this utility fee?
A 1. A recent Federal mandate requires municipalities to valuate and maintain storm water infrastructure
2. Lack of funding to maintain the existing system
3. Minimal outside funding available for large improvement projects
Q When was this decided?
A On March 26, 2001 the Delaware City Council passed Ord.01-06 that approved the charging of this fee.
Q Isn't this just another tax?
A No, it is a utility. It is based on the calculated amount that your property contributes to the storm water collection system.
Q Does everyone pay this fee?
A Every property owner in the City of Delaware will be charged this fee. There is a provision for granting a credit based on retention/detention and direct discharge of storm water. You may obtain an application at Delaware City Hall in any of the following offices: Utility Department, Planning Department and City Manager's Office.
Q I live in a new development and have new storm sewers, why do I have to pay this fee?
A It is important to perform maintenance on downstream sewers. The revenues from this fund will go to not only correcting problems but also maintaining the storm sewers that are functioning properly. Also, new storm sewers connect into existing storm sewers that are not as new and need attention.
Q What will happen if I don't pay this fee?
A We certainly hope that all of our property owners are interested in improving our community, but anyone who fails to pay the fee will face legal repercussions.
Q I have new storm water sewers or none at all. Why do I have to contribute?
A Your storm water drains somewhere. If you have sewers, they connect to existing sewers. If you don't have sewers, your storm water drains either into a ditch, pipe, etc. These waterways need to be maintained.