Let's Talk Trash / Safe Trash Disposal

The City of Delaware experiences periodic maintenance issues with sanitary sewer "lift stations" serving the city. The station pumps or "lifts" waste disposed down drains from your area to our wastewater facility for treatment. Sometimes, improper items are disposed into the sanitary sewer through household drains. These non-biodegradable items include wash rags, facial wipes, sanitary products and other products. Non-biodegradable items disposed of in this manner reach the lift station and can lead to a failure of the station pump. Your efforts in proper household waste disposal practices will help protect both the City's infrastructure as well as your household plumbing.

Download or view a "Let's Talk Trash" brochure (PDF) for more information.

By using proper practices when disposing of items down household drains you can help prevent sewer backups and reduce utility infrastructure maintenance cost. What you put down the drain does make a difference.