Capacity Fees
The following capactiy fee shall be charged for permits issued to connect into the City Utility and shall be paid upon issuance of said permit. (Permits are processed through the Building Department located in City Hall, 1 S. Sandusky St.).

Water Tap Permit (PDF)
Sewer Tap Permit (PDF)

All properties connecting to the City of Delaware water and sewer system shall be assigned an Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU), or multiple thereof, with one (1) EDU being equal to average daily water consumption of 400 gallons.

All single-family residential properties connecting to the Utility System are assigned one (1) EDU.

All master metered multi-family residential properties connecting to the Utility System shall be assigned, by the Public Utilities Director, and EDU multiple calculated by multiplying the number of multi-family residential units by the Single Family Equivelant (SFE) value that follows:

  Sewer Capacity  
Single Family Equivalent Values January 1, 2007 and after June 1, 2006 and after
1 Bedroom .63 $3,559.50 $3,392.55
2 Bedrooms .75 $4,237.50 $4,038.75
3 Bedrooms .88 $4,972.00 $4,738.80
4 + Bedrooms 1.0 $5,650.00 $5,385.00

All properties connecting to the Utility System which are not residential properties are to be assigned, by the Director, an EDU multiple based upon the properties' estimated daily water consumption (in gallons) divided by 400 gallons (one EDU). This division will be calculated to the second decimal place and rounded according to mathematical convention. In no even shall a non-residential property be assigned an EDU of less than one (1).

The EDU multiple established for non-residential properties based on estimated water consumption shall be reviewed twelve (12) months after occupancy is obtained to determine if the estimated daily water consumption is accurate. The director may extend this 12 month time period if accurate consumption data is not available. Any increase or decrease in the EDU multiple based on actual water consumption which results in a capacity fee charge adjustment of more than $1,000 shall be communicated to the property owner in writing.

The Water Capacity Fee is $5,600 per EDU. The Sewer Capacity Fee is $5,385 per EDU.

Please click the following links to read the Council approved Water Capacity Fee ORDINANCE 06-33 (PDF) and Sewer Capacity Fee Ordinance ORDINANCE 06-32 (PDF).