City Prosecutor
City Prosecutor

Justice Center
70 North Union Street
Delaware 43015
740 203-1175
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Fax: 740 203-1199

Mark Corroto - City Prosecutor 
Joseph Schmansky - Assistant Prosecutor
Beth Matune - Assistant Prosecutor  
Tina Johns - Administrative Assistant
Veronica Hetzner - Administrative Assistant

The Delaware City Prosecutor's Office is the chief prosecuting agency for virtually all adult misdemeanor and/or traffic charges filed in Delaware County. Its staff of five consists of three attorneys and two administrative assistants.

Most criminal or traffic allegations are not initially reported to or investigated by the Prosecutor's office. If an event is to be investigated as a crime, it should be reported to the nearest law enforcement agency with jurisdiction of the area in which the event occurred.  If the area has its own police agency, that agency should be called.  For any area in Delaware County, the Delaware County Sheriff may be called at 740-833-2800.  In any life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1

The Prosecutor's office does initiate and file some cases of check fraud. For details, the office should be called, and details discussed.

Once a charge has been filed, and after a plea is entered, the Prosecutor's Office may be contacted for any discussion or details of the case.

The Prosecutor's office offers victim of crime services and has victim/witness assistance available. The office is also a participating agency in the Delaware County Coalition of Victim Services, which consists of a group of service providers in the community whose mission is to implement programming that educates the public regarding issues relevant to victims/survivors of crime.

The Prosecutor's Office prosecutes exclusively in the Delaware Municipal Court, which is located in the same building. The schedule of criminal and traffic cases, and other information about that court are available at the website for that court,