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The Planning & Community Development Department enhances the quality of life and manages the growth through the administration and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, and through the continuous application of planning techniques to shape the development of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional areas and related infrastructure, including the road network.

The Department also protects and enhances the public health, safety, and general welfare, including property values, through the administration of the zoning, subdivision, and building codes, while responding to unique physical, economic, and social challenges that require planning expertise.

The Planning and Zoning Division provides current and long-range services for the City of Delaware.  Current planning activities generally include administering the Zoning Code, managing the development review process and Downtown Historic District, overseeing the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP), Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, and Neighborhood Stabilization Grant (NSG) funds supporting economic development  efforts, and providing technical support to numerous City boards, Commissions, and City Council.  Long-term planning activities involve projects of a broader scope and time horizon such as the Comprehensive Plan, Downtown Parking Plan, and subarea planning.  The Division is dedicated to constantly learning and implementing innovative planning techniques that bring desirable and beneficial development to the City while competently maintaining existing property and structures so that they remain economically viable.  An emphasis on strong planning and zoning practices promote healthy, orderly, and attractive development within the City and preserves property investments.

The Building & Code Enforcement Division is charged with monitoring the physical aspects of the building process, code enforcement, and floodplain regulations. The Section
regulates new construction and renovations to existing facilities through the Ohio Building Codes and the adopted International Property Maintenance Code. The Section holds an impressive ISO rating for a city the size of Delaware.  The ISO rating scheme favors municipalities with effective, well-enforced codes since they demonstrate better loss experience when catastrophe strikes.

The Building & Code Enforcement Division reviews building plans to ensure code compliance.  Codes provide safeguards and ensure uniformity in the construction industry, and allow for new innovative construction materials and techniques. Once plans are approved, the Building & Code Enforcement Division conducts numerous on-site inspections to verify that the construction matches the approved plans.  Inspections are performed at various stages of the construction process to ensure quality of materials and craftsmanship, as well as code compliance for all aspects of building construction including: fire, structural integrity, plumbing, electrical, elevators,  and mechanical systems.

Code Enforcement is responsible for monitoring the upkeep and continued compliance of buildings and properties beyond the construction period.  Code Enforcement is an ongoing process which involves patrolling for violations as well as responding to concerns brought to the City’s attention by its citizens concerning property maintenance, tall weeds and grass, as well as zoning violations.

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Planning & Community Development
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