Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is composed of seven volunteer members, consisting of one elector from each of the four City wards, two at-large, and one member of Council.  Each member shall be an elector and hold no elective office.  The City Manager is an ex-officio member/advisor without a vote.  This Commission is a recommending body to City Council concerning planning, development, and zoning activities for the City.  As such, their powers and duties include,

  • Recommend to the City Council a comprehensive plan, official Zoning District Map, area plans, development standards for the Municipality, and at least every five years undertake a review and recommend appropriate revision of the comprehensive plan.
  • Carry on the continuous review of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the Planning & Zoning Code, report to City Council on the land use planning needs of the Municipality, and recommend to Council amendments to the Planning & Zoning Code and other related ordinances of the City as determined to be appropriate.
  • Review all proposed amendments to the Planning & Zoning Code and make recommendations to City Council as provided in this Planning & Zoning Code.
  • Recommend to City Council appropriate zoning classifications of newly annexed areas.
  • Review all plans and plats for the subdivision of land and make recommendations regarding such to City Council.
  • Review all development plan, conditional use, determination of similar use and planned development applications and make recommendations to City Council.

planning commission meeting schedule


Current and past agendas can be found by clicking here.  If you have any questions or comments regarding an agenda item please contact a member Planning & Zoning Division Staff or click here to email.  Most agenda items can be viewed on the Current Development Information page.


Prior to making any changes to any property or structure, including changing or expanding the use, please contact a member of Planning & Zoning Division Staff to discuss your proposal.  Often times an application is required to be submitted and reviewed by the Planning Commission, and at times City Council, before any permits authorizing the change can be issued.  Failure to obtain the proper approvals prior to construction can result in significant delays, costs, and alterations. 

To view current applications pending before the Planning Commission, including those recently acted upon, please click on Current Development Information

From time to time there are vacancies on various Boards and Commissions.  If you are interested in serving on the Planning Commission please contact the Planning & Community Development Director at (740) 203-1604 or 

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