Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is composed of seven volunteer members of which a majority must be residents of the City consisting of one member of Council and six members selected, to the extent possible, from the following professional backgrounds,

  • A professional historic preservationist or a historian,
  • An architect,
  • A real estate agent or a developer, and
  • A Historic District property owner.
This Commission recommends Architectural Standards for the Downtown Historic District Overlay to City Council for adoption and reviews all exterior changes to structures and properties located within the Downtown Historic District Overlay.  As such, their powers and duties include, 
  • Recommends properties and initiates the process for historic listing designation and to hear, review, grant, deny and recommend modifications to proposals for Certificates of Appropriateness involving environmental changes within a historic district. Applications for Certificates of Appropriateness are evaluated based on the adopted Architectural Standards.
  • Recommend and initiates the process of designation or expansion of a Historic District.
  • Make recommendations to the Planning Commission regarding amendments to the Historic District Overlay Zoning and to other legislation affecting the Historic Districts.
  • Work for the continuing education of those within the Historic District and the residents of the City with respect to each district's historic heritage and architectural significance. In addition, the Commission publishes informational literature and holds periodic public meetings to disseminate information on preservation and rehabilitation techniques and resources.
  • Develop standards and guidelines for preserving the historic and architectural significance of the historic districts, on a district-by-district basis, which are based on the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation.  The standards and guidelines promote redevelopment of historic structures and assure that new development within each district is compatible with existing development.

Architectural Standards
The Architectural Standards apply to all structures and properties within the Downtown Historic District.  These Standards are intended to provide guidance to property owners, business owners, architects, and contractors who are proposing work on any building or property within the Downtown Historic District.  The goal of the Standards is to protect the architectural resources and historic character of the Downtown.  These Standards supplement the City Building and Zoning codes in effect and do not in any way reduce the requirements set by those or any other codes.  There are separate sign standards for the Downtown Historic District.

The Standards protect and enhance the overall value of property by encouraging the preservation of the character of historic structures and by requiring new construction to be compatible within the District.  City staff and the Historic Preservation Commission implement the Standards by reviewing all proposed exterior work and new construction within the Downtown Historic District. The review process has historical, aesthetic, and economic benefits to both the property owner and the community.

Delaware is rich in 19th century commercial architecture that reflects the history of the downtown while providing an appealing environment for the present. It is this collection of buildings, in their arrangement, size, shape, and form, that gives downtown Delaware its character. Once lost, the unique identity of the downtown and the surrounding area is irretrievable. The downtown has been nationally recognized with a listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Preservation provides benefits for the entire community. The preservation of the downtown's historic character is fundamental to its economic revitalization. By retaining and enhancing Delaware's older architecture, the community recognizes the achievements and significance of Delaware's past while establishing adaptive reuses of these buildings for present and future use. This, in turn, can be translated into economic vitality through renewed community pride in the downtown's historical character, as well as increased commercial activity.

Downtown Historic District Overlay Map (.pdf)
Architectural Standards for the Downtown Historic District Overlay (.pdf)

Meeting Schedule

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Schedule

Current and past agendas can be found by clicking here.  If you have any questions or comments regarding an agenda item please contact a member Planning & Zoning Division Staff or click here to email.  Most agenda items can be viewed on the Current Development Information page.

Prior to making any changes to any property or structure, including changing or expanding the use, please contact a member of Planning & Zoning Division Staff to discuss your proposal.  Often times an application is required to be submitted and reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission before any permits authorizing the change can be issued.  Failure to obtain the proper approvals prior to construction can result in significant delays, costs, and alterations. 

To view current applications pending before the Historic Presevation Commission, including those recently acted upon, please click on Current Development Information

From time to time there are vacancies on various Boards and Commissions.  If you are interested in serving on the Historic Preservation Commission please contact the Planning & Community Development Director at (740) 203-1620 or click here to email.  The current members are listed here.

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