Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan (2003-2008) is the set of official City policies to manage development and growth, and the implementing strategies that together establish a vision of the City for the future.  The Plan serves as a flexible blueprint to guide decision-making by the City, community organizations, and private individuals and entities relative to development.

The Comprehensive Plan is divided into the following 10 elements:  Executive Summary, Growth Management, Land Use, Community Character, Transportation, Community Facilities and Services, Economic Development, Housing, Environmental Resources, and Implementation.  The Appendices with supporting material follows.

For each element, there is an overarching goal supported by a series of principles that together establish the policy foundation for the Comprehensive Plan.  Each element is organized by themes.  Benchmarks are recommended as measurable targets within sections of each element.  To guide implementation, the policies are further supported by a series of objectives and detailed strategies, where appropriate. Each strategy identifies the parties responsible for implementation and the timeframe in which implementation should occur.  This level of detail - along with the benchmarks - provides a means for measuring success.

The Comprehensive Plan is to be updated every five years.  The planning period is 2003-2008.  The previous Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1996.

2003-2008 Comprehensive Plan (30 MB)
Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map (11 MB) 

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