Parks Division
440 E. William Street
Delaware 43015

Stacy Davenport, Superintendant

The Parks Division maintains all city parks, street trees, and holiday decorations. The crew manages over 300 acres of open space and parkland, including 20 neighborhood parks, four community parks, one nature walk, and a nine-hole golf course. The Parks Division also mows more than 25 miles of right-of-way throughout the city and will routinely police the major highways for litter and apply herbicide to control weeds along guardrails, speed limit and directional signage.

Should a broken piece of equipment or an unsafe condition be observed in one of our parks, please bring this to our attention immediately here or by phoning 740-203-1810.

Shade Tree Program
The Parks Division manages the street tree collection which is valued at more than $14 million. The division is responsible for the planting of street trees and park trees, annually, and oversees the maintenance and removal of trees located on city property.

Tree Lawns
The lawn area between the curb and the sidewalk is known as the tree lawn.  Although this area is City property, the Parks Division encourages every homeowner to routinely water newly planted trees in the lawn.  If you would like to plant, prune, or remove a tree in this area, you must first receive permission from this department.  Shrubs are not permitted to be planted in the tree lawn.  Remember, 2" of mulch around the base of the tree is adequate, never mound up mulch on the trunks of street trees, because this will eventually kill the tree.  For further information on planting and maintaining street trees, please contact the Parks Division Office at 740-203-1810.