The Google Opportunity
Welcome to a microcosm of middle America.

If Google is seeking a test tube environment within which it truly can measure the impact of an ultra high broadband network, Delaware County is the place to start. The county's southern portion boasts the highest per-capita educated populous, highest per-capita income and highest per-capita adoption of broadband of anywhere in the state of Ohio.  The City of Delaware is a mix of post-high school education with a more moderate income, and very good broadband adoption. The northern county retains the region's rural qualities, with lower post-high school education, lower incomes, and lower broadband adoption.  

All sectors of our community -- public, private, non-profit, education and healthcare -- are supportive of this project. Google has set forth three primary objectives in its RFI: the development and use of next-generation apps, testing new ways to build fiber optic networks, and to create an open access network.  We believe that a fourth very important goal is expressly stated in the RFI as well–that of collaboration.  We are confident all of these objectives will be met with successful outcomes here in our community.


Charles Ash
City of Delaware CIO
City Hall
1 South Sandusky Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015