The Future of City Fire-EMS Services

the Future of City Fire-EMS Services

November 2, 2010, City residents voted to increase the city income tax rate from 1.55 percent to 1.85 percent to provide additional funding for fire and EMS services.  This rate increase will become effective January 1, 2011.


This rendering shows what a third Delaware Fire Department station located on the City's northwest side might look like. View Larger Image

This additional income tax will advance Delaware’s fire and emergency response system in three specific ways:

  • Improve response times by adding fire personnel and a fire station;

  • Replace aging equipment;

  • Provide a financial foundation that allows the department to grow as our City grows. 

The Fire Department, led by Chief John Doanhue, is undertaking a plan to phase in the improvements, beginning in 2011. This process will include interaction with City departments, City Council and the community. Chief Donahue can be reached at 740-203-1300.
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