The Future of City Fire-EMS Services

the Future of City Fire-EMS Services

Delaware has seen a population increase of 43 percent since 2000. Nowhere is that more

evident than at the Fire Department. It responds to nearly 5,000 service calls annually, a 40-percent increase since 2002. Passage of the 2010 levy was a pivotal moment in the history of the 182-year-old department, allowing it to expand on all fronts: equipment, staffing and facilities.  

In 2013, five new employees were hired, bringing to 14 the number of firefighters hired since levy approval. A third station at 1320 West Central Avenue (pictured) opened, helping the department reduce response times and increase safety. A six-minute response is the industry standard. We were able to attain that only about 51 percent of the time but with Station 303 in service, we are at 60 percent, approaching the goal of 90 percent. Planning  is underway for a fourth station at 821 Cheshire Road in our Southeast quadrant. A residential  house and 2.5 acres at was purchased in August 2011.