Online Payments & Utility Connect
The City of Delaware gives customers access to view their utility bills for the past year, as well as make payments.  This is through Utility Connect, which is hosted by our utility software company.  In order to view your utility account, you'll need to register and you'll need some info from your bill to do so.  For further details, click HERE.  Once you register and log in, you'll be able to see your actual consumption, monthly billings, and payments.  Since we read residential customers every other month, the consumption levels displayed will be for that 2-month period.

You are able to pay your Delaware City utility bills, income taxes, and other miscellaneous payments* with a debit or credit card, or a check, from your home; online or over the phone.  The City has teamed up with Official Payments Corp. to facilitate this process.  Official Payments Corp. charges a convenience fee for this process.

What you'll need to pay online:

To assure proper crediting to your account, please click on the appropriate link for specific instructions.  The instructions differ depending on the type of payment you're making. Once you've read how to pay, return to this screen and click below as stated in the instructions.

For instructions on how to pay your Delaware City Income Taxes, click HERE.

For instructions on how to view and/or pay your Delaware City Utility Bills, click HERE.

For instructions on how to pay other miscellaneous City of Delaware-issued invoices*, click HERE. [this includes sidewalk repair invoices, mowing, airport rent, risk claims, etc.]

If you're already familiar with our online payment system, click on the Official Payments below to pay your City Income Tax or miscellaneous invoices, or click on the Utility Connect below to log into your City utility account.