Safe Walks Program

The "Safe Walks Program," a sidewalk improvement initiative to provide safe pedestrian routes in all city neighborhoods, has been in place since 2007.

The city acted at the request of Delaware City Council, which in September 2006, passed an ordinance instructing city departments to undertake a comprehensive sidewalk inspection and repair program. It was Council's belief that properly maintained sidewalks enhance safety and property value, add neighborhood appeal, and create a sense of pride.

In the City of Delaware, like most communities across the country, property owners are responsible for the cost of sidewalks repairs. State law allows for this practice because property owners receive the most benefit from the walks due to their availability. Further, well maintained sidewalks enhance property value.

Specific questions regarding the sidewalk deficiencies identified on your property, repair methods, or related concerns, can be addressed to program coordinator Jeff Coleman, 740-203-1723.