Delaware Municipal Airport Jim Moore Field
Delaware Municipal Airport Jim Moore Field is a leading general aviation facility for central Ohio pilots and businesses. The city oversees all aspects of the airport. It is home to approximately 80 aircraft and handles an estimated 40,000 operations per year, including corporate activity, training and pleasure flying.

The airport is strategically located to serve the rapidly expanding southern Delaware County area, as well as the new commercial centers in Delaware, Dublin, Westerville and Hilliard. The city has aggressively pursued airport enhancements that include an expanded 5,000-foot runway and the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), allowing precision approach for horizontal and vertical navigation. Other upgrades include improvements to the flight terminal, lounges and weather briefing areas.

Jet Stream Properties, Inc. is a 16,000 square-foot corporate hangar that includes 6,000 square feet of office space to accommodate three (and as many as five) large corporate turbojet aircraft. AirSpace Place, with 72 units, includes many hangar and pilot amenities.

Contact Information
1075 Pittsburgh Drive
Delaware, 43015
Fax: 740-203-1898

Pilot Briefing area w/DTN Weather Service
Pilot Lounge w/ TV/VCR
Public Lounge
60 City-owned T-hangars; 740-203-1870 or email for availability

Services and Businesses

Delaware Municipal Airport (DLZ)
Elevation 946' 40 16' 47"N/83 06'53"W

Unicom: 122.70
Columbus App/Dep: 120.20
Navigational Aids
WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) Service
Vortac (H) - APE 116.7/25SE
NDB - DLZ 215/on field
Columbus RCO - Dayton: 122.30
AWOS 119.025 Ph: 740.362.4416

Runway Information
10-28, 5000' x 100' Asphalt

Approach Aids
Pilot controlled lights (MIRL/PAPI/REIL)
x 3: MIRL low, PAPIs on, REILs off
x 5: MIRL high, PAPIs on, REILs on

Fuel Prices
24 hour self-serve AvGas terminal, assistance is available during normal business hours. After Hours Service-available with prearrangement and call-out fee. Fuel prices for the Delaware Municipal Airport are kept up to date at