Central Avenue Base Repair Project



The City of Delaware is making sub-surface repairs on Central Avenue from the Point to Troy Road. The repairs are in advance of ODOT’s plan to replace Central Avenue’s top surface in 2020.

Current Situation

East Central Avenue is in very poor condition between Lake Street and The Point and, unfortunately, it is beginning to show similar signs of deterioration west of Sandusky Street through Troy Road.  Central Ave. as we know it today was built about 100 years ago without proper sub-surface drainage necessary to maintain the road base in good condition; it has deteriorated to the point that patching the many dips and holes yields, at best, temporary results, In short, the pavement is no longer sustainable under given conditions and has to be reconstructed.


A total rebuild will require grant money, for which the City will be applying. Grants will require a local matching financial contribution.  Delaware’s contribution alone may well exceed $1 million.

In the meantime, City crews will continue to maintain the pavement as best as it can on an interim basis until Delaware can advance the full reconstruction of Central Avenue. As frustrating as this may be for motorists, leaving dips and holes in the pavement is just not a responsible approach to addressing the current situation.


Keep Informed

To be included on our project email list as design is finalized and construction gets under way, please email us


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